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Glutamine mimicry suppresses tumor progression through asparagine metabolism in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

Recouvreux M.V., Grenier S., Zhang Y., Esparza E., Lambies G., Galapate C.M., Maganti S., Duong-Polk K., Bhullar D., Naeem R., Scott D.A., Lowy A.M., Tiriac H., Commisso C.

Nature Cancer. (2023) Oct 9, doi: 10.1038/s43018-023-00649-1.

Macropinocytosis and cancer: From tumor stress to signaling pathways.

Lambies G. and Commisso C.

Journal of Visual Experimentation (2021) Aug 24;(174):10.3791/62828

Automated imaging and analysis for the quantification of fluorescently labeled macropinosomes.

Galenkamp K.M.O., Galapate C.M., Zhang Y., Commisso C.

Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology (2021) 9:664295.

The Golgi as a “proton sink” in cancer.

Galenkamp K.M.O. and Commisso C.

Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology (2021) 9:664295.

Macropinocytosis in cancer-associated fibroblasts is dependent on CaMKK2/ARHGEF2 signaling and functions to support tumor and stromal cell fitness.

Zhang Y., Recouvreux M.V., Jung M., Galenkamp K.M.O., Li Y., Zagnitko, O., Scott D., Lowy A.M.,  Commisso C.

Cancer Discovery (2021) 11:1808–25.

Glutamine depletion regulates Slug to promote EMT and metastasis in pancreatic cancer.

Recouvreux M.V., Moldenhauer M., Galenkamp K.M.O., Jung M., James B., Zhang Y., Lowy A., Bagchi A., Commisso C.

Journal of Experimental Medicine (2020) 217 (9):e20200388.


Golgi acidification by NHE7 regulates cytosolic pH homeostasis in pancreatic cancer cells.

Galenkamp K.M.O., Sosicka P., Jung M., Recouvreux M.V., Zhang Y., Moldenhauer M., Brandi G., Freeze H., Commisso C.

Cancer Discovery (2020) 10(6):822-835.

EGFR-Pak signaling selectively regulates glutamine deprivation-induced macropinocytosis.

Lee S-W, Zhang Y., Jung M., Cruz N., Alas B., Commisso C.

Developmental Cell (2019) 50:381-392.


Macropinocytosis in cancer: A complex signaling network.

Zhang, Y., Commisso C.

Trends in Cancer (2019) 5(6):332.334.

The pervasiveness of macropinocytosis in oncological malignancies.

Commisso, C.

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences (2019) 374(1765).


Quantitation of macropinocytosis in cancer cells.

Galenkamp, K.M.O., Alas B., Commisso C.

Methods in Molecular Biology (2019) 1928:113-123.


Detection and quantification of macropinosomes in pancreatic tumors.

Lee S-W., Alas B., Commisso C.

Methods in Molecular Biology (2019) 1882:171-181.


Macropinocytosis fuels prostate cancer.

Commisso, C., Debnath J.

Cancer Discovery (2018) 8(7):800-802.

​Macropinocytosis: A metabolic adaptation to nutrient stress in cancer.

Recouvreux V.M., Commisso C.

Frontiers in Endocrinology (2017) 8(261):1-7.

Human pancreatic cancer tumors are nutrient poor and actively scavenge extracellular protein.

Kamphorst J.J.*, Nofal M.*, Commisso C.*, Hackett S.R., Lu W., Grabocka E., Vander Heiden M.G., Miller G., Drebin J.A., Bar-Sagi D., Thompson C.B., Rabinowitz J.D.

Cancer Research (2015) 75(3):544-53.  *co-first author

​Determining the macropinocytic index of cancer cells through a quantitative image-based assay.

Commisso C., Flinn R., Bar-Sagi D.

Nature Protocols (2014) 9(1):182-192.


Macropinocytosis of protein is an amino acid supply route in Ras-transformed cells. 

Commisso C., Davidson S.M., Soydaner-Azeloglu R.G., Parker S.J., Kamphorst J.J., Hackett S., Grabocka E., Nofal M., Drebin J.A., Thompson C.B., Rabinowitz J.D., Metallo C.M., Vander Heiden M.G., Bar-Sagi D.

Nature (2013) 497(7451):633-7.


Cancer Diagnostics, Therapeutics, And Drug Discovery Associated With Macropinocytosis

U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 15,990,030, filed May 25, 2018 for (Divisional of U.S. National Patent Application Serial No. 14/009,013, based on PCT International Application No. PCT/US2012/031828, filed April 2, 2012).

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